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What’s an avid blogger like me without a fresh, new blog every once in a while? In an attempt to kill off any potential free time, I am launching yet another blog, part of my www.alina-popescu.com website. The blog will focus on my writing endeavors, my blogging activities, books I am reading, and anything else I might find worthy of sharing.

I will post here as often as I can. Which means I aim for daily posts, longer or shorter, and hope for a few each week. There may be roundups of what I publish on other sites, but I am not yet sure about it. What I am sure is that the main focus on the site and the blog will be, as the title says, the writer in me. So here is where you should stop by to get updates on my novels, short stories, and writing plans, to find out what inspires me or what my characters are up to.

Your opinions might not always be the same as mine, especially when it comes to worthiness πŸ˜€ That is why comments will always be open, but moderated. The rules are simple: keep it nice. If you don’t know what nice means in my definition, let me explain: it’s guided by common sense and the basic rule of any human interaction – don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you. So if you don’t like being insulted just for kicks, or extreme rudeness, don’t put that in your comments. I also happen not to tolerate any kind of discrimination or hatred. Everything else is fair game.

I do hope you have fun during your visits (which I am sure will be often). I’m always here for your ideas, comments, suggestions, questions, or unrelated rants. If the comment section is not enough for you, you have social media links in the sidebar, you can check the contact page or any of my other blogs.

See you around!

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A pleasure to meet you! I’m Alina Popescu, an author, traveler, and hopeless coffee addict. I write urban fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and sometimes even contemporary stories. A significant number of my books are LGBTQ fiction and romance.

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