Find a Man Don't Settle Down lgbt mystery

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OWL Investigations Mysteries – An LGBT Mystery Series

The OWL Investigation Mysteries series is my first ever attempt at writing mysteries. It features a snarky private investigator, Emmett Naoki, who finds himself having hired his high school crush as his assistant, totally by mistake. OWL stands for Otherwordly Luck, referencing the Emmett’s gift or curse of always finding out the truth. He isn’t particularly fond of the way he always finds out when someone’s lied to him, as it completely messes out his life. But it works great in his PI career!

Each book title in this series is a twisted version of a song name or song lyric. I hope you enjoy that particular choice.

Although each individual mystery is solved within one book, there are overarching subplots, all pertaining to Emmett’s past and present family and love life. While it’s not completely necessary, I do recommend you read this series in order.

OWL Investigations Mysteries – Reading Order

Book One – Find a Man, Don’t Settle Down
Book Two – It’s Murder on the Catwalk
Book Three – Leave Me, Baby, One More Time