Tales of the werewolf tribes series

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Tales of the Werewolf Tribes

Tales of the Werewolf Tribes is a gay paranormal romance series that blends werewolf lore with the world we know and live in. Werewolf society is divided into tribes that in turn are formed by multiple packs. Each tribe covers an area of the world, sometimes blending together multiple cultures. To find out more, embark on this riveting blend of adventure and passion with Strength to Let Go, Lead to Follow, and soon to be released Somewhere to Belong. These stories can be read as stand-alone books, but there is character and plotline crossover that you can only fully appreciate if you read all the books in the series.

What Readers Say About Tales of the Werewolf Tribes

 Alina Popescu did an excellent job of building the suspense and drama. I could almost feel like I was right there with Shiki Kirishima during that first battle. What I liked the most is the diversity of this story which is really refreshing, this isn’t your everyday shifter tale. Another hit for this is the emotion Shiki experiences, the anger, the pain and joy is more realistic and on point. There were parts when I had to put the story down to breathe. So intense.

Once I began reading, it was impossible to put down.

Strong storyline with complex characters. This book was a great read from beginning to end.

Roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end.

I highly recommended you to give this book a shot and see how awesome werewolves are in the novel.

The flipside, as always:

I prefer to have some conflict take place that the heroes have to overcome and it just wasn’t there. As far as mechanics go, the book needs some copy editing. I don’t think I’m all that interested in how the series proceeds.

Tales of the Werewolf Tribes – Breakdown

If you’re curious about the tribes and where they are located, check out this map of all tribes.

Werewolf Tribes Map

Worldwide werewolf tribe directives:

  • Turning humans requires leadership approval.
  • The secrecy of werewolf existence must be upheld by members of each and every clan.
  • Leadership representatives must attend the two Tribes’ Councils (spring and autumn). The location for the next meeting is established during each council.
  • Tribes are made up of clans. Clans are divided into packs (not always, one pack can also count as a clan).
  • Most wolves that don’t change eye color have a golden circle around their pupils or golden flecks in their irises.