The AuthorTube Readathon – March 24-30

Since returning to my author channel on YouTube, and thus discovering Authortube, I’ve also delved into readathons. If you don’t know what a readathon is, it’s a dedicated chunk of time when you’re supposed to read as much as you can. I loved the concept, and after long months of wanting and planning, I am now hosting my own: The AuthorTube Readathon. Seven days, seven reading challenges, six authortubers involved, and six Instagram challenges. Read on to find out more!

The AuthorTube Readathon Basics

Dates: March 24-30, 2018

Where: YouTube, this blog, Instagram

Hashtag: #TATR18

For a more in-depth explanation on how and why I came up with the AuthorTube Readathon concept, watch my announcement video.

How to Participate in the AuthorTube Readathon

To participate, you have to let me know somehow. You can post a TBR video or blog post. You can post on Instagram and tag me. You can post a reading vlog, or a wrap-up post on your readathon progress. Or you can let me know in the comments (either for this post or any of my readathon videos). Being subscribed to my YouTube channel would help (you can always find it in the sidebar of this blog) or here.


The Challenges

I thought of a mix of reading and Instagram challenges. If any other challenges or giveaways happen, then I’ll update this post.

The AuthorTube Readathon Reading Challenges

  1. The Clare Kauter Challenge – Read a Mystery Book
  2. The Sarah Scharnweber Challenge – Read a Horror Book
  3. The Nicki J. Markus Challenge – Read a Myth-based Book
  4. The Trynda Adair Challenge – Read a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book
  5. The Amy Tasukada Challenge – Read a Book With Bad Guys
  6. The Alina Popescu Challenge – Read a Sci-Fi Book
  7. The AuthorTube Challenge – Read a Book by an AuthorTuber

The AuthorTube Readathon Instagram Challenges

  1. The Clare Kauter Challenge –  Books and Bath Bombs – March 24
  2. The Sarah Scharnweber Challenge – Books and Bunny Ears – March 25
  3. The Nicki J. Markus Challenge – Books and Classics – March 26
  4. The Trynda Adair Challenge – Books and Words – March 27
  5. The Amy Tasukada Challenge – Books and Tea – March 28
  6. The Alina Popescu Challenge – Books and Coffee – March 29

I strongly suggest you watch the announcement video for more detailed explanations and examples on each challenge.

How to Win the AuthorTube Readathon

As long as you manage to read at least three books in a week, I consider you a winner. Of course, these books have to somehow be related to the challenges listed. You can absolutely use one book for multiple categories.

Special Treat: Complete all seven reading challenges and you get a prize. If you complete all the readathon challenges in a week, you can pick whatever title you want from my backlist and I will gift it to you. Check out all my books on Amazon to get an idea of what you could be winning.

In order to qualify for this, you need at vlog/wrapup video on the readathon, or some type of proof you’ve read the books during this one week period. Also, if you’re underage, you’ll need parental consent to receive the gift.

Please visit the other wonderful authors/youtubers who inspired this readathon:

  1. Clare KauterYouTubeInstagram
  2. Sarah Scharnweber – YouTubeInstagram
  3. Nicki J MarkusYouTubeInstagram
  4. Trynda Adair – YouTubeInstagram
  5. Amy TasukadaYouTube

Hope you all join me in this fun way to make a dent into our to-be-read lists. Happy reading, everyone!

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