The Modern Knights of Sharp Suits and Fast Cars

Girl in predicament who also happens to look down on herself meets fabulous, gorgeous guy, filthy rich, who falls for her and makes all her dreams come true. Recognize that scenario? It is a bit of a modern day version of some fairy tales. Or a least it sounds like it! Said Prince Charming also happens to quickly forget his player ways and is faithful forever. What annoys me more is that it seems that most 18 year olds (or younger) know exactly what they want, who they want to be with, who they want to marry. And sometimes they’re even ready to do so within about a day since meeting their beau.

I hate the idea that when you’ve got absolutely no clue where to go, what to do, what to become, the rich playboy jumps in to save you. How about you save yourself? I don’t mind the male main character saving the girl once or twice. But I so prefer them being partners and not caregivers.

Do I still read these stories? Of course I do. I just fall in love deeper with stories with strong female characters. I think we are not reminded often enough that it is our own responsibility to figure out our lives, make ourselves happy, get where we want to. Isn’t it nice to have someone hold our hand through it? Damn straight! But that’s different from giving us a piggyback ride.

I think there are way too few stories about repeatedly failing when it comes to relationships. Though it happens. A high school relationships, a college one, maybe one after that, after you’ve joined the adult life. Maybe more. It’s absolutely gorgeous if the first person you fall in love with turns out to be the one who stays by your side forever. But that does not happen much. Especially not when you’re 16…

We are not that far from fairy tale mentality. And the more relationships we go through, the more we start to think we’re terribly flawed cause look how easy it is in books, movies, and in the few cases where it happens as in the movies.

Don’t let yourself be tricked though, I am a sucker for happy endings! I want every one to get their own, so while I don’t make it particularly easy for my characters, even when they meet the one early on, I do try my best to give them some sort of happy ending sooner or later. Still, I root for partners, not for princes who step in and fix everything!

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2 Responses to “The Modern Knights of Sharp Suits and Fast Cars”

  1. In fiction, escapism is the tried-and-true and real relationships are the brave new frontier.

    Great essay, Alina!

  2. Alina Popescu says:

    Daven, I know, still… I think there should be a middle ground between meet-fall-happily ever after and the tragic stories where you cry your heart out πŸ™‚

    Glad you liked my post!

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