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My new blog and website come with a nice little newsletter. The signup form is right there on the sidebar and it takes a minute to become a member of the “I get fairly regular emails from Alina Popescu, Writer” club. Of course, agreeing to get even more email messages delivered to your inbox takes courage, so I thought I should tell you why it’s a great idea to subscribe.

1. Fun and easy way to get updates

Unless you visit the site all the time and religiously follow my social media accounts, you’re bound to miss out on some important stuff. Fresh releases, interesting books I’d recommend, tips to help you in your own writing endeavors, these are a few of the things email subscribers get. Unless it rains with awesome news, this would probably mean one or two emails per month, so I’d say it’s bearable.

2. A chance to be a beta reader

Email subscribers (along with my close friends and long time writing buddies) will often be invited to check out my works in progress or read advance copies of my stories. Sounds cool, right?

3. Special promos and giveaways

Newsletter subscribers will always get discounts on future published works and will automatically be considered for any and all giveaways organized by yours truly.

What do you think? Sounds like fun? Hope you agree with me subscribing is actually worth your time and head over to the sidebar form. Thank you!

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