A Touch of Gay, Valentine’s Day Goodies, & Monday Progress Report

Hello everyone and a happy new week to you! We have a bit of a hybrid post today, a little on my latest release, a little on what goodies–free reads–you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day, and my Monday Progress Report.

Let’s start with what’s important! How to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with 34 free stories from 34 authors of gay romance and fiction! Well, it’s easy, just check out the M/M Romance Valentine’s Giveaway until February 15! If you want a more detailed description of the event, read my post on it!

This brings us to my latest release – A Touch of Gay. The fourth and final story  (at least for now) featuring friends Tudor and Radu. As Tudor’s journey to true love had been explored in A Touch of Glamour, A Touch of Paradise, and A Touch of Kink, it was Radu’s turn. And, boy, does my loud-mouthed, annoying, and sometimes (often) offensive character get a story! Read on for story details, but if you’re impatient, here’s the link to download this book for free. Yup, this is part of the aforementioned M/M Romance Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

A Touch of Gay – A Touches Collection Short Story

Radu has always joked with Tudor about his friend’s gay rubbing off on him. Neither of them has taken that joke seriously until Radu’s meltdown and crazy confession: Radu thinks he might be gay.

Despite Radu’s insistence that Tudor’s gayness has helped him figure out his own, there’s more to that story of discovery. Charismatic, sexy, and all around amazing Marius, the man Radu has been crushing on for months, pushed the loud-mouth, offensive Radu into exploring who he truly is.

Figuring out he wasn’t all that straight is the easy part. Getting enough courage to talk to Marius, that’s a whole different challenge, as Radu seems to turn into a stuttering idiot around Marius. Will Radu learn to be confident enough to pursue Marius? Or will Marius act faster and challenge the confused Radu too soon?

A Touch of Gay by Alina Popescu

How to Get A Touch of Gay

Like I said, until February 15, this is part of a huge gay romance giveaway. Follow this link to the Instafreebie giveaway. If however you get to this post after the giveaway, A Touch of Gay is available on Amazon!

Excerpt – A Touch of Gay

Just to give you a taste of Radu and his story, here’s a quick excerpt from A Touch of Gay. 

THE WAIT KEPT getting longer. Radu hadn’t moved, he hadn’t even flinched at the sound of Tudor’s growls and puffs. When he got tired of standing there and wait for the first blow, he looked up, thinking eye contact would be the straw that finally broke Tudor’s restraint.

Kahoni’s hand and half his body were stopping Tudor’s assault. That explained the delay. Kahoni was whispering something in a voice so low, Radu couldn’t pick it up. God, this was nerve racking, staying here and watching, wondering when Tudor would decide to ignore his boyfriend and finally inflict his punishment.

Kahoni looked over his shoulder and asked one single but terrifying question. “Why?”

Radu’s fear induced bravado collapsed and he fell to the floor. His legs crossed, his head in his hands, he sighed as if the world was ending. “Because I’m probably gay.”

The room was dead silent. Like everyone had just stopped breathing, or disappeared. Radu was afraid to look up and check. What would he find there? Disgust? Disapproval? A “You’re not good enough to be gay” look? A “You’ll fucking die alone” grimace? Whatever it was, it certainly couldn’t be good.

Tudor’s laugh was the last thing Radu expected. His eyes snapped at Tudor, and the guy was huddled over the side of the couch, holding his belly, his entire body shaking, like he’d just heard the funniest thing in the world. Kahoni looked between Radu and Tudor and shrugged a little, an unsure smile curving half of his mouth.

Radu sighed and rolled his eyes. Right, it was fucking funny that his life was a mess, he had no clue who he was, and his gay best friend thought the idea of Radu being into dudes was the most hilarious thing he’d ever heard. Just great!

“Only you, Radu,” Tudor said between violent fits of laughter.

“Only me what?” Radu spat out the words through gritted teeth. He considered his options, and thought leaving was his best bet. He loved Tudor, but man, he didn’t need this right now.

Tudor’s mirth disappeared in an instant. Maybe it was Radu’s tone, maybe he’d just realized what his friend had said. Whatever it was, Radu was just glad the cackling had stopped.

“Sorry, dude. I don’t mean to laugh at you.” Funny, another chuckle didn’t really support that statement.

“Yea, right.” Radu rolled his eyes and stood, looking around to see where he’d dropped his laptop bag.

“Radu, you have to admit. Only you would think seeing us fuck would sort it out. Haven’t you heard of porn?”

Monday Progress Report

The last time I published a report, I was working on Sky and Storm and on A Touch of Gay and making progress. Now I am happy to report I finished, edited, and released A Touch of Gay 😀 The moment I was done drafting that one, I went back to Sky and Storm. The story is over 40000 words now and I imagine it will be about 45000 when I’m done. I think it will take another week to achieve that. When that’s done, the next on my list is Angel’s Feather, followed by Dusk to Dawn, the sequel to Dawn to Dusk.  Angel’s Feather only needs another 5000 words to be completed (already over 30k drafted), so I imagine that will be done and sent to my editor before the end of the month. I’ll make sure to keep you updated over the following weeks!

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