Valentine’s Day Book Release: Sunrise with You – A Gay Romance Novella

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This has been my first year writing Valentine’s stories and I started with a bang, two of them 🙂 First, I released a novella in my Lover’s Journey series, Sunrise with You. This story follows Sebastian and Edi six months after the start of their relationships. Fears and people from their pasts show up to stir trouble in their new-found idyllic existence. To be honest, it’s been a pleasure writing this novella. I’d missed Seba and Edi and I loved having them back in my life for a while.

Sunrise with You, Lover’s Journey, Book 2.5

Someone’s always stirring up trouble in paradise…

Six months after becoming lovers, Sebastian and Edi are still riding their blissful high. Secluded in Cambridge, away from past nuisances and homophobic jerks, switching from best friends to boyfriends was easy. Yet when faced with Romania’s realities, things get a little shaky.

A trip to Bucharest to clear out Edi’s apartment brings out all their doubts and fears about their new relationship. Edi’s ex, Robert, pursues him relentlessly, Edi’s bosses are doing a marvelous job at driving him into an early grave, and Seba finds himself pushed away.

After pining over Edi for most of his life and seeing him go back to Robert again and again, Seba can’t help but fear the worst. Not used to being shut out by Edi, he fears they are doomed to fail.

The romantic vibes of Valentine’s Day remind them of their true feelings. But will their love be enough in the long run?

Sunrise with You – Excerpt

“That was tons of fun,” I said, dropping our empty popcorn box into the bin.

“Yeah, nothing too mentally challenging. But it was entertaining.”

We followed the other movie goers out of the cinema. Another door opened and people from the hall next to ours poured outside. I spotted him first. Before Edi and certainly before the bastard saw us. Robert. Edi’s childhood friend. Edi’s ex. Fuck! Way to ruin a perfect movie night. Again. Seemed like we were doomed to repeat everything from that night so many years ago.

I took a deep breath, steeling myself for the encounter. Robert saw Edi and made a beeline for him.

“Hey there, stranger,” he said, placing a hand on Edi’s upper arm and smirking at him. “Where have you been hiding?”

Edi shook off his hand and twisted. His gaze landed on me and I nodded, hoping to reassure him. Edi smiled, his shoulders lowering as the tension in them eased. The angry frown also faded, although it didn’t completely disappear. “Hi, Robert. Didn’t expect to run into you.”

Robert zeroed in on me. I only mattered because Edi had looked my way. His smile faded, eyes turning cold. He threw a greeting at me.

“I see some things haven’t changed. You two are still joined at the hip.” Robert said, and I could tell he was still jealous of my relationship with Edi. “Hadn’t you moved abroad? Was it too hard for you to stay away from your loved ones? Or did you flunk out?”

I opened my mouth to say something, but Edi beat me to it. “Actually, we both live in the UK now.” Edi motioned for me to come closer and when I did, dropped a casual arm around my shoulders. Like he’d been doing that forever.

Robert arched an eyebrow at the display, but quickly recovered, his smirk still in place. “And how are you liking it? Don’t you miss home?” He ran his hand through his hair as he said “home,” just in case someone all the way in Australia missed the leer in his tone.

“Not really. I’ve been back here a week and I am itching to leave,” Edi said, bitterness dripping with every word. He sounded genuinely upset. His work week must have been worse than he’d let on.

“Well, always a pleasure to see you,” Robert said.

“Take care.” Edi pulled me along as he left, barely giving me time to say goodbye. Not that I cared about offending Robert. “Let’s go grab some food, babe.”

“Sure.” I looked around, worried someone had heard him. Because of Robert’s interruption, most of the movie goers were far ahead on the long corridor. Only a group of girls were close enough to overhear, but they were too busy giggling at dating app profiles. Before we entered the food court, Edi released his hold on me. I missed his touch the moment it was gone, but I knew it was for the better. Remember where you are, Seba.

If you’ve already read the Lover’s Journey books, Dawn to Dusk and Dusk to Dawn, I hope you’ll be pleased to have a little more time with your favorite characters. If you haven’t don’t worry, you can read them individually or together in the Lover’s Journey series bundle.

Lover's Journey Series

My second Valentine’s Day story is actually a freebie. I’ve talked about Be My Anti-Valentine and the MM Romance Valentine’s Giveaway yesterday. As today is the last day for that giveaway, I strongly urge you to grab a copy. If you’re seeing this post after the fact, then make sure you search for it on Amazon and read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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