Warriors of Vis

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Warriors of Vis – An Alternate Universe Medieval Series

Warriors of Vis is an alternate universe medieval series of novellas. Set in the fictional world of Vis, each story focuses on warriors male leads and their struggles on the battlefield and in their personal lives. The series debuted with my all-time best selling book Sky and Storm and I have two more novellas planned for later in the year. Each new installment will focus on a minor character introduced in Sky and Storm.

What Readers Say About Warriors of Vis

This character driven tale has you totally involved in the world of Sky and Storm.

It is a quick read that hooked me from the beginning, and I think I have a new favorite from Alina. It is a combination of medieval and fantasy that made me feel like I was there, in the story with them. There is nothing more I could ask from a book.

This story was fantastic! The pain that pride causes and the joy that only can come from letting it go and accepting love. Pain from misunderstanding. An evil war mad father. Horrible sacrifice in the name of love. Deep betrayal. Abiding love that overcomes it all I love Sky, Storm and Cloud!

What you might hate about it:

 I felt that Chapter 1 was incomplete, leaving some confusion and questions that did get addressed, but not until much later in the story.

Storm was kind of a bloodthirsty, warmongering bastard. I expect more professionalism and a better story.