What is it with people and cliffhangers?

Before I decide if I am going to 1-click a book on Amazon, I read the description, an excerpt if there is one, or the free preview offered with the Look inside feature. Then I check reviews. How many reviewers gave it 5 stars, 4 stars and so on. When it comes to 1 and 2 star reviews, I check them out just to see what other readers didn’t like. What comes up as a common theme is the book being a cliffhanger.

People just love to hate cliffhangers, especially if he next book in the series has not been released. Well, we don’t complain much when it comes to movies or TV series! We wait for years in the hopes of figuring out what happens next. And, cliffhanger or not, if you know it’s a series and you loved the first book, you’ll still be dying to see what the next one brings.


To be honest, I lack patience. I want everything now. But for the right book, I am willing to wait. What I don’t get is why readers are in such a hurry to give fewer stars for cliffhangers, while they still rave about series that have been going on for years and have cliffhangers for both holiday break and season finale.

Fair warning, the first book in my vampire series will also sport one of those nasty cliffhangers. It’s the only one in the trilogy that does. Is it a marketing strategy? Maybe, but more than that, it felt natural to end the story there. I will make sure to warn readers and let them know when book II is coming. But my rule is simple – don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you. I don’t mind cliffhangers for books I love, it’s a sort of guarantee there will be more coming.

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